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Can you speak about the timing of this decision? I have been following the feeder committee for the past year, and I agree with the mission. However, I am not confident that the necessary changes will be able to be made to staffing, transportation, programming, etc., in time for the next school year. These are massive changes, and even if a decision is made next month, I can 't imagine you being ready in time. My fifth-grader has no idea where he will be going to school in a few months and it is distressing to him. Traditionally, there have been middle school open houses and visits in the spring. I would like my child to be able to visit his middle school while school is in session, and not be rushed through an orientation over the summer. I urge you to consider delaying the feeder pattern change at least one year. I would rather have my younger child attend a different school down the line than have my current fifth-grader rushed into something. Take the time to roll this out well, instead of just quickly. It took years to make the decision, so how can it only take a few weeks to implement?

If there are only a few parents remaining on the committee because a bunch dropped out, why weren’t more asked to join? Every school should really be represented.

Has there been consideration given to the idea that well-resourced families may leave the district if their children are fed to a far-away school?

Like the decision to move the Dual Language Program last year, this process is being so rushed that no meaningful community input can be factored into the decision. It is premature for the Board of Education to plan a vote on this issue as early as March. Why does the BOE think this is an appropriate time frame? Why is the survey being released to families after favored options have already been selected?

When does the board expect to have a decision about what the new feeder pattern will be?

At least 10% of our district families speak a language other than English at home. How will you provide these families a voice in this important change? Please ensure ALL families have a voice, don’t just listen to the loudest voices.

Is this already a done deal and this forum is just procedural?

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